Buy Your Universal Studios
Discount Tickets

Are you looking for a military discount?

I highly recommend that you buy your Universal Studios Orlando discount tickets before you leave on your vacation. That said, let’s cut to the chase with a few places where you can get the best deals on your Universal Studios Orlando tickets.

Purchase on the Internet

Many online ticket vendors have tickets available that you can’t get anywhere else … even the Universal site itself! So it’s best to check several sites before you leave on your vacation as price and availability of each vendor’s Universal Studios Orlando discount tickets can change throughout the year as well as from vendor to vendor.

Now I've done the legwork for you as I have personally searched the internet for many, many, hours to find the best value in purchasing tickets online for Universal Studios Orlando. And, by far, my top pick for buying discount Universal Studios tickets is

Ticket Momma not only has some of the best prices and best variety online for Universal Studios discount tickets, they also offer delivery options that are not available elsewhere.

Not only can you pick up your discount tickets when you arrive in Orlando OR have your tickets delivered to your hotel on your arrival OR have them shipped to your home in the United States. You can also have your discount tickets shipped to you anywhere in the world!

Ticket Momma is one of the few Universal Studios discount ticket retailers that ships internationally.

The 4-day, 3 Park Universal Unlimited pass is my personal favorite and a great value. With this package you get unlimited admission for 4 consecutive days to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and CityWalk.

Another great deal is the 5 Park Bundle o' Fun package. You get Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, CityWalk, Sea World plus Aquatica and Busch Gardens for one great price.

P.S. Ticket Momma also sells discounted Disney tickets as well as tickets to many other Orlando area attractions including Sea World , a variety of dinner showssuch as Arabian Nights, Medieval Times, Pirates Dinner Adventure and the Polynesian Luau at Sea World. And if you love gators as much as I do, they even have tickets for my personal favorite place ... Gatorland. I love the gators! They're amazing!

Purchase From Universal Orlando Web Site

Universal offers several ticket packages available on their web site. Some of the packages include a hotel stay which makes it even more fun to enjoy your Universal Studios Orlando vacation. As with the online ticket vendors, price and availability can change throughout the year so it’s best to plan ahead to see what special offers Universal may have.

Purchase from Your Auto Club

Are you a member of an auto club or association? I know that both AAA and CAA offer various Universal Studios discount tickets throughout the year. So if you are a member, be sure to check out what your association has to offer.

CAUTION: Be wary of “Free” ticket offers or the “$20” ticket offer. Most of these are timeshare com-ons. Unless you are prepared to sit through a lengthy timeshare presentation to get the ticket, my advice, don’t do it. Unless of course, you’re looking for a timeshare. If you do elect to do it. Be sure to ask how many tickets you get for your time and whether there are any restrictions on the tickets such as no park-to-park access or a ticket expiry date.