Purchase Your Universal Studios Discount Tickets Before You Leave

Are you looking for a military discount?

I always purchase my Universal Studios Orlando discount tickets before I leave on vacation. Why? Well, I'll be happy to tell you ...

You are guaranteed no price increases after you purchase your Universal Studios discount tickets

You avoid any price increases at the Universal Studios Orlando ticket gate

You can take advantage of great tickets ... some not available at the gates

From most ticket vendors, you receive the actual ticket of admission, which means avoiding line ups at the ticket kiosk or at the voucher exchange window

If you're traveling from abroad, you avoid the risk of adverse changes in the exchange rate

You don't have the worry about taking extra cash on holiday to pay for your Universal Studios Orlando tickets

You can plan your holiday spending before leaving home

You can plan your Universal Studios Orlando vacation itinerary and make the most of your holiday fun time at the parks

And finally ... tickets can be expensive. By purchasing your Universal Studios discount tickets in advance you can have some of your vacation paid for before you leave and avoid the unpleasant surprise of an extra large credit card bill when you return home

What it really boils down to for me is that I hate unpleasant surprises while I'm on vacation. We get enough of them every other day of our busy lives. So knowing that I've probably saved some money and that I have my Universal Studios discount tickets in my hot little hand before I go gives me piece of mind. It's just one less thing that can go wrong on our vacation. A little less worry for me, means a lot more fun for my family!

What types of Universal Studios discount tickets are available? Wow ... another great question! Well, let me start by saying that there are several types available. You have your single day tickets for one park, multi-day tickets that allow you to travel between parks, and flex tickets that allow you to not only take in Universal Studios Orlando but other parks like Sea World, Orlando Wet'N Wild water park and Busch Gardens.

I won't get into detail on all the different types and combinations. But I'll be glad to share with you what we do. Since we are traveling from afar, we always get a multi-day or flex ticket.

If Universal Studios Orlando is the prime reason for our visit, we'll get as a minimum, a 3-day multi-ticket. This ticket allows for 3 consecutive days, unlimited admission to City Walk, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios with unlimited park-to-park access on the same day. This allows us to take in all the action without having to rush through the parks. As I said, this is a minimum. It all depends how long a vacation we are planning and how many days we will have available to take in Universal Studios Orlando. If we have time and budget available, believe you me, we stay longer! But personally, I think 3 days is the absolute minimum that you'll need to take in all the action and fun that Universal has to offer.

If we are taking in Universal Orlando as well as some of the other great Orlando attractions, we'll get an Orlando Flex ticket. The flex tickets are a great value and they allow you 14 days unlimited admission to the Universal Orlando parks plus Sea World and Orlando Wet'N Wild. Or, you can get the 5 park ticket which adds Busch Gardens in addition to all the other parks previously mentioned. It is a great and very affordable way to get the most out of your Orlando vacation.

So by now you're probably asking yourself, "Where can I get my Universal Studios discount tickets?" Why you're just full of questions today aren't you! Lucky for you, I'm full of answers.